Hippo Game

Hippo Game Rules

The Hippo Game link: https://global.hippogame.org/ (Please use a wallet App or PC browser to open the link. The game supports TokenPocket, Math Wallet, Metamask...). Please check the game rule below:
The participation threshold for the official version is 10 mil HIP, and the limit is 50 mil. The detailed rules are as follows:
1.The Basic Mechanism of Crowdfunding
The basic gameplay is the crowdfunding mechanism. The goal in the first round is to raise 200 million hippo collectively. For the each round of crowdfunding ahead, the goal will be increased by 15% on the prior round. Players who successfully participate in the crowdfunding can earn 5% of the principal after two successful rounds. Settling after that, you can choose to continue participating in the game or withdraw your tokens to your wallet.
24 hours per round for the first 20 rounds (1 day); From the 21st to the 30th round, each round is 48 hours (2 days); From the 31st to the 40th round, 72 hours per round (3 days); Round 41 and beyond, 96 hours (4 days) per round.
According to the rules, the first three rounds of token raising targets will be 200 million, 230 million, and 264.5 million.... (The target for each round is 15% higher than the previous round), and so on.
2.Crowdfunding Profit Settlement
Hippo Game is a game where revenue is settled every three rounds, such as:
Assuming that the N, N+1 and N+2 rounds are all successful in their crowdfunding, the settlement will start, and the N round participators will get all their principles. Regarding profits of the crowdfunding, as mentioned above, the scale of the N+1 round will always be 115% of the N round. Then, after the N+2 round of crowdfunding is successful, The extra 5% from the N+1 round will be given to the Nth round (The participators in the Nth round shall get 5% profit now); at the same time, the extra 10% of the N+1 round will enter the dividend pool. Over time, the dividend pool will accumulate a large amount of HIP (or other Eco-currency) and at the end of each round, 1% of the funds in the dividend pool will be distributed to HIPS pledgers (HIPS dividend mechanism will be explained later).
For example: the first three rounds of fundraising goals were 200 million, 230 million, and 264.5 million. After the completion of the third round of 264.5 million, the second round will have 30 million more than the first round, of which 10 mil will be distributed to the first round of players as revenue, 20 mil will enter the dividend pool, and dividends will be distributed to HIPS pledgers.
3.Crowdfunding failed settlement (crowdfunding collapse + restart)
If the Nth round fails to reach the crowdfunding goal, the crowdfunding fails. The remaining tokens in the game pool will be allocated to rounds N-2, N-1, and N. After settlement, there will be losses in these three rounds. However, after the game restarts, the addresses in these three rounds have priority in queuing in the next round. However, the players in these three rounds need to work hard to determine their respective positions in the queue during the "restart waiting" period.
4.Queuing mechanism
In the early stage, because the crowdfunding quota is relatively tight and the duration of each round is very long (calculated in days), there will often be situations where the crowdfunding cannot be successful immediately and needs to wait. The following is the key to the game: Queuing + single-currency liquidity mining:
After participating in the crowdfunding, if you need to wait, players will see their real-time ranking status in the interface, as shown in the figure below:
Figure 1: Get HIPS on the queue
HIPS can be obtained continuously during the queuing process (the total amount of HIPS in the official version does not exceed 10 million, the first day output is 10,000, and the daily output decreases by 0.1%. The public beta version in the picture is the test coin HIPST). The unit address obtains HIPS, whose amount is related to the total number of people in the queue. Simply put, the daily output of HIPS is limited. The more the total number of people in the queue, the less HIPS will be obtained for the unit address.
As shown in Figure 1, the queuing revenue HIPS can be withdrawn at any time on the left, and then go to the right to pledge mining. If you don’t want to consume the extracted BNB fee, you can also wait until your crowdfunding is settled, and the system will automatically transfer your HIPS to the balance on the right, so you don't have to spend the corresponding BNB fees.
5.HIPS single currency liquidity mining
Click "View" on the right side of Figure 1, to go to this page:
Figure 2: HIPS single-currency mining page
As shown in Figure 2 (just like ordinary liquidity mining) click “Stake” in the upper right corner and click “Harvest” on the left, to withdraw income at any time. Unlike ordinary liquid mining, this dividend income is not distributed in real time, but after each round of successful crowdfunding, 1% of the bonus pool will be rewarded to HIPS pledgers.
Dividend pool: referring to the previous article, the profit settlement part of crowdfunding starts at the end of the third round. At the end of each round, 10% of the funds will enter the dividend pool, and 1% of the existing funds in the dividend pool will be distributed to HIPS pledgers.
At the same time, for the dividend pool itself, the dividend tokens will be inclusive of, but not limited to, the HIP token itself. HIP serves as the Hippo Game governance token. It is voted on to determine whether tokens outside the Cycan ecosystem can participate in the game. It is also necessary to pay dividends to the HIPS pledger. It can be said that with the gradual expansion of the dividend pool to the later stage, the currency and the amount of dividends are getting larger and larger, which may enable HIPS pledgers to obtain extra gains and considerable profits over the crowdfunding itself. Ultimately, a wait will be needed for rankings in order to obtain HIPS pledge. This is still pursuing the fixed income of crowdfunding itself, and players can calculate and weigh by themselves.

Game Panel Description

First click to connect to the wallet in the lower left corner to link your digital currency wallet. The wallets supported by Hippo Game are: Math Wallet (Meat Wallet), TP (TokenPocket), Metamask (Little Fox), etc.
Figure 3: Game homepage
Figure 4: Panel description 1
Figure 5: Panel description 2

Glossary of terms

  • Earnings: HIP will be used as initial hippo to be put in the game. As the governance token of the Cycan Network, HIP will be on voted to determine whether or not tokens outside the Cycan ecosystem can participate in the game. Other tokens need to pay dividends to the HIPS pledger when the game is played, if this was to happen. HIPS It is the core of the entire game, obtained on the queue.
  • Queue Equity: The BETA version is HIPST, however the official version of the equity token will be known as HIPS. HIPS is the core of the entire game and needs to be obtained on the queue. Staking HIPS to receive dividends from various tokens such as HIP.
  • Total HIP Yielded: The current amount of HIP yielded in said amount of time (For the ongoing round for instance)
  • Pending HIP Dividend: The amount of dividends to be distributed in the dividend pool, as shown in the above figure, the total amount to be distributed to HIPs pledgers next time round is: 4861340 × 1% = 48613.4 HIPPO
  • Current round #: Current crowdfunding round
  • Queued: real-time Hippo queue total
  • Current/Maximum: As shown in Figure 5; 24,750,900 HIP needs to be raised in this round, and the remaining amount is 15,150,900, this is representative of an ongoing progress bar, as per the relevant round.
  • EST. time remaining: The countdown to the end of this round of crowdfunding
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